My debut novel, It Never Happened, is out now in the Kindle Store.

It Never Happened  is a fast-paced and action-packed mystery. With a unique plot and a nail-biting turn of events, this book is definitely unputdownable. The story is complex; the characters' motivations are deep and clear.” -Reader’s Favorite





Contemporary dance student Campbell Richards wakes up in a hospital bed to find she has been in a terrible car accident with him—her perverted uncle, with whom she shares a family secret she swears she will take to her grave. Badly injured and afraid, she is ready to do whatever it will take to escape him. That is, until her best friend disappears without a trace. Everyone except the missing friend’s boyfriend thinks Campbell is just paranoid, including the police, but she and her best friend are running out of time.

It Never Happened will trick, entrance, and terrify you to the very last page. Who can Campbell trust, and who is capitalizing off her terror? Is a gang shrouded in secrecy involved, or is that just what they want her to believe? And will she overcome fear to defeat her uncle and save her best friend, or will she lose it all?

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