© 2019 By H. Pike.

My name is H. Pike—HP, for short—and I am a research consultant, freelance writer, and photographer based in Norman, OK. I’m a senior finishing up an honors dual-degree in economics and professional writing, with minors in French and pre-law, at the University of Oklahoma. I will graduate May 2020.

I've been writing stories, taking photos, and making videos since before I lost all my baby teeth. Storytelling is my passion, whether it is through words, data, visuals, or a combination. 


I currently work as a consulting associate for a local start-up through the Ronnie K. Irani Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth. My role involves conducting market research and analysis to strategize for an upcoming expansion. My previous experience includes reporting for a major newspaper, creating social media marketing posts, researching economic trends on a NASA grant, publishing works of fiction, and studying abroad.


Professional things aside, here’s some more about me: I've lived in more states than I can count on a hand, but I call Houston, TX, home. I'm ready for a dance off any time, any place. Good data makes my heart beat a little faster. J'aime parler français et voyager.* And I am passionate about equality for all, be that through education, access to resources, or economic opportunity. 


Email: hmaepike@gmail.com

*I like speaking French and traveling.